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Empire Pendulum clock, France, ca. 1800

Empire Pendulum clock, France, ca. 1800

SKU: K0006

Pendulum clock of burr walnut with white enamelled dial with Roman numerals.

Eight-day movement with going- and striking mechanism on bell, strikes on the whole and the half hour. With heavy compensation pendulum.


This pendulum, which appears simple to the eye, contains more history than one sees at first. Besides the fact that the clockwork is a technical tour de force, the signature on the dial is "Lepaute." known as a clockmaker of l'Empereur Napoleon.

Napoleon's clockmakers had the finest examples of classical art, which they used as examples in making all kinds of objects.


Signed on the dial, "Lepaute." with the caption, "Hr de Emp. Place du Palais." (Watchmaker from the Emperor place du Palais, Paris).


Height, 46 cm

Width, 28 cm

Depth, 13 cm


Price on application.

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