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About us

Patoe Ateliers was founded in 1984 in Maastricht by the couple Frans & Bernadette. Since then, the workshop has grown into an indispensable place where craft & art come together. The emphasis is on the pursuit of perfection, functionality, authenticity and individuality in design & restoration.


Frans Mulders restores and renovates antique time indicators, from tower clocks to the finest Swiss precision watches. Almost all used parts can be manufactured in our own workshop.


Bernadette Ramaekers designs jewellery, small sculptures & utensils, with the philosophy that a piece of jewellery should enrich a personality, only then will it come into its own.

Meet The Team


Frans Mulders

Frans was trained as a watchmaker at the professional trade school in Schoonhoven, after which he specialised in fine technology in Switzerland.


He restores and repairs a wide variety of clocks and watches. In addition to the gallery, his shop is divided into a workshop for finer precision work as well as a clock workshop where he focuses on the repair of larger items. When necessary, parts are made according to traditional methods, with tools that were often in use as early as the eighteenth century.


As a passionate craftsman and with years of experience, Frans still finds it inspiring to delve into clocks or watches and their history.


Bernadette Ramaekers

Bernadette was educated at the Art Academy in Maastricht.


In her studio & gallery she creates her own collection of exclusive jewellery. She describes her style as organic and constructive, striving for essence, originality and wearability.

The person who uses the jewellery also plays an important role in the design.


Looking for the balance between beauty & function, Bernadette creates beautiful and unique jewellery.

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Michael Rulkens

Michael was trained as an electrician, but fascinated by clocks. From 1999 he was trained by Frans as a clockmaker.


He is mainly engaged in the restoration of the larger timepieces and with his years of experience and dedication he makes an important addition to this special team of craftsmen.

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